[AIT2] Norton Validator

I started my joerney in crypto space in 2017 as an investor, researcher, trader.
I work with with my friends and we are the team of professional programmers, DevOps, node operators, with 2+ up to 10 years of experience.
We set up and run different types on nodes 24/7 (validator, full nodes) in devnet or testnets for more than 2 years in top projects: Mina protocol, Celestia, Archway, Porta, SubQuery, Subspace, Manta, KYVE, Swarm.

I ran a node in Aptos devnet too, than set up a node for AIT1 (wasn’t chosen), hope to be a part of AIT2 :slight_smile:

Current configuration of mashine:
4 vCPU / 8 GB RAM /400 Gb,
preferable uptime 24/7
Last year rent Hetzner and Contabo servers for testnets or mainnet.

Communication channels:
discord - Norton#8709
telegram - @geremy3
Current location: Ukraine. Travel and live in EU too.
Languages: Russian, English.