[AIT2] nomadnode

Halo, I’m bachelor degree in technology, you can call me “nomad” its come from nomad by Hashicorp since I learn docker and kubernetes and its also refers to nomadic… my experience is managing small servers on public cloud and nowdays I’m learner for AWS course because in next week I will take an exam for associate level, for now I already have azure, gcp, aws certification fundamentals credly. My previous joined testnet paloma and forta.

  • General information: Website = www.cloudbiru.com, Location = South East Asia, Languages = English
  • Communication Channels = nomad#7617
  • Technical Details, The validator node running on AWS infrastructure in Mumbai, India. Server specification is c6g.xlarge 4 vCpus 8 Memory(GiB) Network upto 10 gigabit, storage General Purpose SSD (gp3) - IOPS 3000, storage amount 300 GB
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