[AIT2] Nodeway | Ukraine

I am Lada, 40. I live in Ukraine and work as QA automation engineer for 5 years in a row. I am crypto enthusiast, and I have been involved in Aptos since the very beginning.

I have been involved in many testnet programs: Solana, Evmos, Casper, NYM, Aleo, Masa and some other.

Some examples of my work:

Solana mainnet validator - https://www.validators.app/validators/A8vNkfP4Rv6msJyuXgwvUSUUu5vPfLxMJB5ddNkHaCGJ?network=mainnet
Casper testnet - CSPR Live

Hardware I use:
Location - Hetzner DS, Ovhcloud, Mewspace, Contabo
Processor - I prefer AMD Ryzen 5800-5950X, but it mostly depends on requirements
Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s-Port

I would be glad to join Aptos network.


підтримаю лайком та цим коментарем, бо глосу вже нема

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Wow, its interesting!