[AIT2] NodeStake Validator

NodeStake is the professional node service provider.
We have provided blockchain services since 2017. Professional mainnet and testnet validator/nodes. Our mission is to provide the most stable and secure blockchain nodes and the most convenient for customers.

We are the validators of some blockchains. Such as Evmos,Agoric,AssetMantle,Nym,Idep,Echelon,Omniflixhub,Cerberus,Cheqd,Decentr,Gravity-Bridge,KiChain,Odin,Rizon,Chronic,Stargaze,Nomic,Orai.
We also provide services,like snapshots, RPC, IBC relayers, etc.
Share the latest information of the blockchain, create articles and help the community. It is also part of our work.

By participating in the Aptos testnet, we can learn and test fully, and contribute to the ecology.

We would appreciate your vote, thank you very much.

Website: https://nodestake.top
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nodestake_top
Github: nodestake (NodeStake) · GitHub
Blog: https://blog.nodestake.top
Discord: NodeStake
Discord: Alan | NodeStake.top#2237