[AIT2] NodeBrothers πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Hi everyone, greetings to all.

I’m a founder of Canadian blockchain community based in Toronto - NodeBrothers.

We have been supporting early stage projects for a while time, it’s very inspiring. During all this time, we have been actively involved in many blockchain projects at various stages, both on the testnet and on the mainnet (our favourite are Solana, NYM, Forta, Kyve, Subspace, Archway, Quai and also Aptos)

We work on meetups in Toronto and on the local audience growth this year.

Here is my contacts, feel free to contact me:
:space_invader: Discord NodeBrothers#6941
:loudspeaker: Twitter https://twitter.com/nodebrothers_
:fist: Website https://nodebrothers.dev/


I watched your videos bro
Keep on

Hey, that’s cool! Good luck getting into Aptos!

great to see you here, hope you’'ll be elected

Great project bro. Good luck

move forward and don’t stop :wink:

Interesting form ! Support

Good luck! Aptos is a great project

Canada is great! I love it so much! :kissing_heart:

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