[AIT2] Node4Life

Hello from :ukraine:

My name is Andrii, I am 38 years old and working as QA in crypto arbitrage project.

I have been involved in crypto journey starting from 2017 and is been mostly concentrated on technical projects for 2 last years. I was maintaining nodes for some prominent projects, among them are: Solana, Moonbeam, Casper, Meter, Hopr, Clover, NYM, Axelar.

I am Solana mainnet validator https://www.validators.app/validators/ACPAr8MudRmo8nQqnSPc59im8kiBty2RAHT1sWpXfpUM

In my work I use mostly dedicated amd servers but it depends of requirements. I always follow rules and do my best to complete specified tasks and achieve goals. So I believe choosing me will be a good decision. Moreover, choosing me you help Ukrainian resident to survive :slight_smile:

Good luck with your application, I am from Ukraine too.