[AIT2] Node: Taotek

Hi My name is Ovidiu from Romania.
I speak Romanian and English.
Each day I try to reach to more interesting projects each time I have the chance. So as long as is fun, complex and interesting I will try to keep going for it.

I have extensive experience in IT and Electronics.
I have extensive knowledge of Linux. My backgound jobs where focused on network infrastucture architecture, network security, software architect
I am also a software developer of C, Assembly and other web scripting languages.
On the electronics side I was focused on IoT, microcontroller design and programming, R&D of digital electronic projects.

I have been active as ISP network admin for a while, then moved onto my own company called Taotek.

Taotek is a start-up company that activates mostly in the IT, Software/Hardware R&D and cryptocurrency mining sector. The company uses self developed software AI to gather and predict cryptocurrency market and asses the cryptocurrency markets. The company also focuses on development of energy management software/hardware used for solar energy projects.

My work here is:

  • Engineer and developer for:
  • Cryptocurrency mining market assessment and prediction software
  • Web robot for Data gathering of cryptocoin information around the web
  • Network Infrastructure Architect
  • R&D and Production of: Internet controlled electric panel to turn on/off and measure high power appliances
  • R&D and Prototype of: Data Acquisition Tools (software, electronic and hardware) for testing and measuring acoustics parameters of speakers
  • R&D and Prototype of: Power Management system for solar enery production and storage

I currently run a small room of servers for more than 5 years now to host my own projects.
I also have some spare hardware which is welcome to host Aptos.
At this moment I am developing a supercapacitor battery to be used for solar energy storage but is currently under test for UPS systems on my small room of servers that I have. The current setup allows for a 12 hour emergency backup power for more than 30000 cycles. Considering this uptime should not be a problem.

So I am looking forward to host Aptos as best as I can.