[AIT2] node operator Futos

Greetings colleagues!
Why pick my validator ?
I have been actively studying blockchain technology for two years and continue to do so. Lately I have been interested in new crypto projects with exciting concepts and tools. I like to participate in testnets, because it’s a great opportunity to work with new configurations and improve my technical skills.
Among achievements:
Had experience in Bitcoin mining.
Became an official validator of xx Network Quick View - xx dashboard and Solana Explorer | Solana.
Recent testnets I participated: Subspace, Aleo, Cainflip, Archway
My main tasks are operating the node, staking, sending transactions, and occasionally participating in devnets to help teams test new versions of the network.
General information
My name is Leonid. I am from Ukraine. I speak Ukrainian and English. At the moment I am getting a second degree in Austria in the field of engineering

Discord - papafutos#3722

Technical Details
300GB of disk space
4 cores

Thank you for reading!