[AIT2] Node Name kojack

Hello i’m khozin
I am 24 years old, I used to be a part time worker, and now I left that job and focus on trading & crypto world, I have been exploring crypto world for 3 years and always want to improve more skills. experience: being a community manager in several projects for the Indonesian region, bug hunter, bounty, often participating in testnet on new projects, and I have participated in many testnet validators, mostly from the erc-20 network, cosmos, some from polygon, skale etc. . already quite familiar with programming command codes such as python, JavaScript etc.
What I recently finished doing was merge ETH rinkeby, sei network, razor from scale network, quicksilver, massa, forta, akash and so many I forgot lol.

Organization name is : member airdrop sultan, from Indonesian, laguange Indonesia
Communications : telegram, discord.
Article : Nan
Tools : guaranteed there are any specifications needed

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