[AIT2] NITAWA (Validator)

NITAWA Systems have a vast experience in building and running secure and resilient nodes in Cardano, Solana, Tendermint and Substrate-based chains - adopting ITIL and enterprise-grade infrastructure practices to make sure our services are safe, secure and resilient. We have 24/7 monitoring for all nodes and utilizing PagerDuty for real-time alarm aggregation and dispatching service. Information Security is at the heart of what we do and set the bar for enterprise-grade security as well as backup systems.

We are currently a Mainnet validator on:

  • Solana
  • Terra Classic
  • Terra v2 (and as genesis validator)
  • CertiK (and as genesis validator)
  • Stargaze (and as genesis validator),
  • Evmos genesis validator
  • Cardano (as stakepool operator)

We are also running some testnet nodes on other projects that will soon be launched.

Website: https://nitawa.com
Email: infra@nitawa.com
Telegram: @nitawa_systems
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nitawa_systems

Technical details: Sorry, we cannot disclose much info about our infra in the public.