[AIT2] nearivan node operator

Good day everybody!

My name Ivan, i’m from Ukraine, i’m 33 y.o.

I have a strong IT background, - since 1995 I have my first PC, since 2008 managed my first server, have an masters degree in Information Security (National University Lviv Polytechnical in 2011), and since 2021 i’m in crypto. I can speak 3 languages - Ukrainian, English, Russian.

For a this short time in the crypto industry, I managed to take part in projects such as SSV, Evmos, Massa, Aleo, IronFish, Gear, Bit.Country, StarkNet, Minima, Sui and few more. I am trying to be helpful to the projects the best way I can - deploying and supporting the nodes at the devnet/testnet stages, and I really wanted to make my contribution to projects.

In my work I use both a Hetzner and Contabo VPS and VDS, - depends on project needs.
AIT 2 is a good chance to participate in one of the most promising projects in crypto right now.

I will be happy if you vote me! :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me:
Telegram: @near_ivan
Discord: ivan#5799