(AIT2) Natashakrip Education


I really liked the idea of Aptos project, I would like to be useful at this stage and offer my help in developing the project in the Chinese market,I have been in the cryptocurrency industry since 2017, and during this time I have managed to work with many projects, such as SKALE (ambassador, translator) MOONBEAM (ambassador) THEGRAPH (curator), CLOVER (node runner), CERTICK (node runner), MINA (node runner, prism grand winner) COVALENT (ambassador, , translator) And many others .

My main advantage, which I would like to help in the development of the project is that I am not bad in the development of projects in the Chinese market, I help create and maintain groups in Chinese in social networks such as Weibo and Wechat.

Examples of my work for Aptos: