[AIT2] natasha_9694

Hello friends! I’m Natasha, yes I run the nodes. I’ve been doing this for over one year now. I am attentive, responsible and sympathetic girl. You will melt my heart if you vote for me.

Projects in which I participated:

Spacemech, Joystream, Aleo, Nym, IronFish, Pontem, KYVE, Flux Protocol, Aptos, Archway, StarkNet, Celestia, Subspace, Massa.

I will be very happy if you cast just one of your votes for me.


I thawed your heart a little! :smile:

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Thank you very much, it made me feel better! :upside_down_face:

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I did my best for you too! ))

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I join you guys) I hope it will be mutual))

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I am very pleased thank you. Of course, everything will be mutual :kissing_smiling_eyes: