Greetings everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

let me introduce my self , my name is Namaste from Indonesia (Asia) i was using Bahasa for my Native language , and english for a passif language
i am an crypto entusiasm since 2015 , i was lonewolf before i know APTOS community ,
only doing daily trading and doing some degen in every moment since 2017
and now , in start of 2022 crypto doing a boring market ,
so i make some different in 2022, not only trading and degen , like running some node or validator ,
Previously i was run some node for testnet and devnet, like Forta , Sui , Paloma , Sei using tier 3/4 server .

i was joining aptos community since AIT round 1 has begun, but i dont in , because i wanna learn it for sure ,
So for AIT2 am ready for join this phase ,

what attracted me to the aptos community?

I am interested in the aptos community because of its very open source resources,
the aptos community provides an opportunity for a lonewolf like me to run his nodes (as a retail) not only for certain companies.

where do i find the aptos community?

i was joining very greatfull community and am really give my big thanks to :

-gulo research
-early syndrome
-little things
and many more that i canโ€™t tell one by one

in conclusion . i am really appreciate for aptos community that given an opportunity to run his validator for a many lonewolf like me, depend on how only 200 validator will be selected during AIT2 :heart: :heart:


LFG wishmeluck!!! :fire:


Thanks for upvote cheff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks koiman, i am glad to see you on AIT2 with me :slight_smile:

Keep up! I wish you a good luck, just like your name.

:two_hearts: NAMASTE! Peace and unity!