[AIT2] myillusion

Hi, my name is Kateryna. I think after past year (bull run, a lot of past projects from different ecosystems: Polka, Cosmos, Eth L1) I’m ready to join Aptos AIT2 and I will do my best.

I’m from Ukraine, so I speak Ukrainian, English and russian.

You can contact me via discord discolover#0364 or telegram @bestillusion

My VPS is on Contabo and Hetzner, but I’m ready to grow big if needed and jump to other serious hosting for a dedicated server.

Ready, steady, go AIT2!

PS Support me and I’m also open for any professional questions, just ping me.

hi, buddy , I support you in this challenge! Hope you’ll win and we’ll go for a coffee to celebreate!

@mybestillusion :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :metal: we will rock it again as in our university :wink: