[AIT2] myasobicha

Hello everyone! I’m myasobicha!

I have been following the development of the project for a long time, I was a participant in the first phase of the testnet. I hope to get into the second phase and demonstrate the most professional qualities! :slight_smile:

I also have a lot of experience in other projects:

  • Aleo
  • IronFish
  • Minima
  • Humannode
  • NYM
  • Spacemesh
  • Subspace
  • Aptos
  • Joystream

I’m in Warsaw [English, Ukranian, Russian]
Taking part in crypto community “Algorithm Crypto Earn” [Telegram: Contact @algorithm_crypto_earn ; Telegram: Contact @algorithm_cryptochat_ru ; Telegram: Contact @myasobicha - it’s me]

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