[AIT2] muratgaytemirov

Hello, My name is Murat and I am a software developer with 3 years of experience. I have previously worked for Brightest - a Belgian software company. I am currently interested in blockchain development, especially with Aptos.

My journey in crypto world began in 2017, as an investor and later as a node operator. I have set up and helped others set up nodes for a variety of projects such as Subspace, Gear, Forta Network, Archway and more.

My experience with Aptos began by setting up a node for devnet and since then I’ve been following Aptos and recognize the great potential in this project. This is why I’d like to contribute and help the project grow as a contributor with the knowledge I have.

I speak the following languages: Russian, Chechen, Dutch, English, as well as basic proficiency with French and Arabic.

My discord: Strannik#4743