[AIT2] MulkiNode Validator

Hi aptos community!

Im mulki from indonesia. i speak bahasa and english
i’v been on cryprocurrency from early 2021
this is my first time doing some tesnet node and im so excited, i’ve been doing other testnet like avaxlaunchpad, cube and etc.

and am also moderator on a group cryptocurrency indonesian called EOCommunity and i run the discord EOCommunity too

why choose me ? cause am a simple and handsome man XD naaah JK
cause i’ve been on crypto like 1 years and im a fast learner

My aptos server :
ROM : 200 GB
OS : Ubuntu 20

My contact :
Twitter : @mulkidab
Discord : arikanamy#7605
Telegram : @freekazi69

Thanks for your attention, best of us

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super cool mulki chan to the moon lets gooo bekbekbekbek!

I wish you success in this valuable campaign. I am by your side and I will try to add others. Thank you.