[AIT2] MostyXS Validator

Hello Aptos Validators!
My name is Yuri 19 years old, FullStack. I came to crypto from GameDev about 2 years ago and since then it’s been a very interesting journey.
First of all I am a smart contract developer. So it will be very interesting to participate in such project as a validator and developer both!

My main projects is in game dev. You can check my Github to find them.
In crypto I have deployed some smart contracts, but it is not really special projects, private I’d say.
I have experience programming in rust, typescript, solidity, cadence and C#. In blockchain my main contract language is Solidity, backend - typescript and in GameDev - C#(Unity).
From the very beginning in crypto, I gained extensive experience in DevOps field, I have all neccessary skills to maintain Validator Nodes.
Relevant skills: Docker, Networking, Scripting, Debugging.
Relevant node experience: Moonbeam, BitClout, Solana, Agoric, Radicle, Mina Protocol, Ironfish, Quai.

My node is running on one of my home servers, which has a 32/64v core cpu, 64 gb ram, 4 tb HDD and 1 tb SSD.

I speak Russian and English languages. Location: Russia

The main thing is I have all the necessary experience to run and maintain the Aptos node and to be a validator! :slight_smile:
Good luck to every participant!

Socials: Github | Twitter | Instagram