[AIT2] Moonlet Validator

Hey, guys!

We are a key staking service provider and node operator for a few blockchain networks, like Solana, Ethereum, Near, Cosmos, The Graph, Agoric, Zilliqa, Celo, and last but not least we are one of the 19 guardians in Wormhole’s guardian network. In the past 5 years we’ve been involved in a bunch of initiatives building non-custodial staking services, both desktop and mobile, joining incentivised testnets competitions and having aggregated technologies on top of blockchain networks.

Currently we activate as Moonlet (https://moonlet.io/) for node operations and we operate over 30 nodes, having $56M+ in assets under management and 18K+ delegation to our nodes. Also we are actively building an Web3 NFT Aggregator, TIEXO (https://tiexo.com/), where we brought together information and data from 10 Marketplaces on Solana ecosystem, about 6k collections, over 9 million NFTs and 1 million listings in order to empower users to make informed decisions when they buy or sell an NFT. Please check here more about our nodes and about the NFT platform on our websites.

We run our nodes in top tier data centers distributed worldwide and we use enterprise infrastructure with 99.99% uptime SLAs. We setup our nodes using advanced security and arrays of sentry nodes and the 24/7 monitoring system allows us to track the KPIs on real time.