[AIT2] Moondefi Validator

My name is AndGitCode, I am DevOps

Name node: moondefi
Discord: moondefi#3764

My skills:

Technical support of ARCserve Backup based systems.
Administration and consulting.
Conducting software updates.
Recovery of performance in emergency situations, including on-site visits to customer sites.
Conducting routine maintenance work with on-site visits to the customer site.
Proactive support to identify deficiencies and risks of systems in operation and eliminate them in a timely manner.

Setting up standalone or cloud(AWS) orchestration clusters: Kubernetes, Docker/Docker Swarm, virtualization using KVM, VirtualBox, VmWare.
DevOps - Continuous integration and delivery - Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Bitbucket.
Monitoring: Graylog, Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios core (XI)
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB

Optimization of infrastructure, web applications and services under load.
Ansible playbook writing.
Writing terraform files
Writing Groovy pipeline.
Full cycle of Prometheus implementation
Project Manager
Arcserve user support, enterprise support
IT Support
Technical Support
Bringing the product to deployment.
Consultations to the customer;
Participation in development of design solutions, terms of reference for the development, commercial offers;
Setting up the system;

Verification and testing of developments;
Preparation of roles and authorities, preparation of presentations and training;
Collection and analysis of user comments.
Participation in the development of design solutions, technical specifications for backup systems;
Setting up backup systems;
Forming tasks for the transfer of backup systems;
Verifying and testing backup policies;
Preparing roles and authorities, preparing presentations and conducting training;
After-sales support (during warranty time)


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