[AIT2] Mindblowingang


My name is Lisa. I am a system administrator in huge CIS company with many years of experience and leader of small team of crypto enthusiasts. Admitted to crypto since 2017. We have operated many nodes since 2018.

Our location includes some CIS countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia. I speak English, Ukraine and Russian.

We use only VDS in different countries. Location of this node is Nuremberg. We use monitoring tools like Zabbix to be 100% confident that node works excellent.

Current tech specs of a node matchs minimal requirements and will be upgraded to:

  • 16 CPU, 32 GB RAM and 1000 GB SSD in AIT;
  • 32 CPU, 64 GB RAM and 2000 GB SSD in Mainnet.

Discord: mindblowingang#2631


Nice thread. Im out of votes but you are cool and you have my like

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Thanks for your support :blush:

Its so cool that u use monitoring utilities to control ur node work. Interesting technical solution.