[AIT2] Metastake

  • Who are we?
    We’re a team of engineers who have more than 10 years of experience in the top German Tech Corporations. We’ve started researching blockchains and cryptocurrencies since 2014, not early but not too late.

  • General information:
    Organization Name: Metastake
    Website: https://metastake.cc
    Location: Berlin, Germany
    Languages: English

  • Communication Channels
    Discord: discord.gg/Y78SyxUCwM
    Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat

  • Technical Details
    We build a platform on top of the biggest cloud providers to run blockchain nodes as simple as possible with unlimited scalability and performance, of course no security trade off. Now Aptos is one of primary project at the moment.

Stack: Kubernetes/Helm, Terraform/Terragrunt, Gitlab-CI, Docker, AWS.

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