Hi! I’m from Ukraine my name is Ruslan. I’m a Backend software engineer with 4 years of commercial development. I have an experience with Linux, Docker, bash scripting, Grafana, node.js, python, SQL, and NoSQL. I use all DevOps practices such as Monitoring (grafana and Prometheus), logging (Loki) to fast react on issues with my nodes, also alert notifications to messengers such as slack, telegram, etc. I keep in touch with discord updates to make node updates and react to other important announcements. Currently, I have experience in testnets such as Taraxa, Aleo, Massa, Ironfish, Minima (full list available on the site: https://mellifera.network. Also, I am an mainnet validator in cosmos network “Odin protocol” and NYM mixnode. I came in this industry for the long term to improve my skills as a blockchain expert and professional node runner.

We work with my brother and help each other in projects in which we participate.
Our experience can be found on our website:

In KYVE NETWORK we have created the bot for managing delegations and nodes.

Also, we have created a discord and telegram bot to inform our users about new Odin protocol proposals

Our contribution will grow, because we know how it’s important

We love Aptos. Super Fast, scalable, and decentralized with a lot of validators. I think Aptos it’s a part of the blockchain technologies future. The next step of evolution. I definitely want to be a part of this :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope to be a validator in mainnet :crossed_fingers: :smile:

Node Validator : MELLIFERA
Discord: RuslanGlaznyov | MELLIFERA#6727
My own github: RuslanGlaznyov (Ruslan Hlaznov) · GitHub
github organization: MELLIFERA VALIDATOR · GitHub