[AIT2] MehmetKoltigin

About MehmetKoltigin

I’m a Biologist (PhD in Zoology) working on freshwater amphipods and I’m a bibliophile. I like to read history, especially pre-Islamic Turkish history. I have been interested in the cryptocurrency market since 2019. I use Gann analysis and I’m node runner and investor and tester and I’m a former PHP Fusion Turkey mod; I have written many extensions for PHP Fusion CMS. I like codes. I like use photoshop, illustrator and premiere. Especially I use illustrator to draw the extremities (limb) of amphipods.

It’s only been 5 months since I started to set up node. I am currently running 11 nodes. This is not difficult for me as I love codes and linux. I believe life is a school and we learn and will continue to learn new things every day. Since the day I started this adventure, I have improved myself a lot. I see it as my duty to support new ecosystems and contribute to their development.

I have run many nodes and continue to practice (Aptos Devnet, Forta, Gitopia, GNO Land, Iron Fish, Humanode, Kujira, Minima, Paloma, Quai, QuickSilver, Razor, Sei, Stafi, Subspace) my goal is to be a true part of projects as a validator on the mainnet. One day I will definitely be the first mainnet validator.

General information:

  • Organization: None, Individual but community-oriented.
  • Ruesandora community supporter and voluntary moderator
  • Location: Turkey
  • Languages: Turkish, English

Communication Channels:


You’re pretty good with testnets. Thanks for sharing


harikasın herşey gönlüce olsun…

Great to see you here mate.