[AIT2] matthias

Hey Aptos people

My name is matthias, and I love to spent time in front of pc and do engineering stuff. Next to spending time on discord (matthias#4290) and github (fontm2), I am about to finish my PhD research in AI (codes not yet published on git as manuscript submissions are pending). My ultimate goal is to involve blockchain technology more into the highly regulated framework of medical applications once got that degree needed to find acceptance in the field of medical doctors. My experience in running nodes ranges from participation in dev/testnets up to mainnets (all still ongoing). AIT2 would be a great opportunity to start validating for Aptos with the goal to be one of the many validators for mainnet.
Let’s enjoy this journey all together!
Best, matthias


I see your contribution to the discode every day and study from your every comments.
I hope you get a good result.


Great to make a deal with you

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You really deserve to get a slot for AIT2. You guys are awesome :slight_smile:

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