[AIT2] MariKH UA 🇺🇦

Friends, hello from Ukraine to Aptos and Crypto Communyty!

this is my profile and I will be very grateful for your support!
I will be happy to answer all questions on the topic and really hope for a positive voting result for me. I have experience in launching several blockchain projects since 2020 and now I want to try my hand at Aptos support.
I’m ready to become a part of the Aptos Team
I want to contribute to the development of an interesting project and try something new for myself next year.

Im from Kharkiv, Ukraine
because of the war I had to leave my city and now I lokated in Lviv
My laguges Russian, Ukrainian, English

here my discord - marikh#4009

the node is running and functioning on such a server:
Intel Core i9-9900KS, MSI Z390 Gaming Plus, samsung 1tb 970 evo plus, 32gb 3200mh ram

Thank you for your attention, I hope for your support!


проголосуй за себя, хоть голос уже будет, и за меня можешь, если не жалко за подсказку :wink:

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:boom: voted for you! Read my post also! LFG

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