AIT2 | Make Fairness Rewards For Validator Runner | Community Voting

A little introduction of me
I’ve became crypto enthusiast since 2017. I’am learning about how to analyst market, trading and investment algorithm. In 2021 iam interesting about nodes system and learn about pos and pow.
I’ve run nodes and validators on several projects. Like umee, forta and kyve. I got experience there and I’m sure that I’m good at it

I have a suggestion about calculating the reward for validation in AIT2. Because in order to be fairer for community / validator runner
Here check my explain and example :

AIT2 Goals (Still same with as described on the aptos blog)

  • At least one proposed block per hour. This will be used to determine your node’s availability over time.
  • Node pushing telemetry data, which includes the below metrics
  • A continuously increasing synced version of your node, alongside a reasonable delta from the highest state of the blockchain
  • Aptos Labs’ validator is among your set of peers

but the calculation of the reward is made into points. Like the example I explain below

  1. Setup validator (Mandatory and will get point 40)
  2. Report bug (Will get point 20)
  3. Will get 1 point for every 100k consensus / sync state ( But its optional, team can modify to get 1 point)
  4. Fullnode setup get bonus point
  5. Every node pushing telemetry data, which includes the below metrics will get points
    And other (maybe someone who wants to add suggestions can comment below)

More or less like that, so that all participants get the right they deserve to join this AIT2.

Vote = Agree

Our contributions for Aptos community:

My Node Validator : Skynet
Discord : pan#7574