[AIT2] m4r5eth Validator πŸ’—

Hello guys! My name is Kris and I am not from any of the professional team :roll_eyes:

I am participate in AIT2 as a Validator. I am very comunicable and active!

I have basic experience of linux, but I have friend to help when I am stucked. And my strong side - I am using google :laughing:

My Discord: Krisseg90#5227
My Telegram: @KrissEg

I have installed Aptos validator but not a fullnode on my VDS(Located in Russia):
AMD Epycβ„’ 8 CPU / 8 GB / 250 GB SSD

I would appreciate your votes guys!


YES! Girls power! Go go go! :heart:

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It’s nice to see that more and more girls are starting to take part in projects! like and support! :sparkling_heart: