[AIT2] M10N validator

Hello Aptos community.

I am individual validator from Kazakhstan. I work in cybersecurity and system administration for about 10 years. Participation in crypto testnets for about 1,5 years.

Installed two nodes: Validator and Full nodes.

Monitoring tools: Grafana, Telegram bot (NodesChecker).

Validator node location: Kazakhstan, Almaty.

Hardware: 4 vCPU / 8 GB RAM / 400 GB SSD / 1 Gb/s | increase if necessary


Full node location: Germany, Düsseldorf.

Hardware: 4 vCPU / 8 GB RAM / 200 GB SSD / 1 Gb/s | Increase if necessary



Telegram: @maxvoyakin
Twitter: @maxvoyakin
Discord: maxvoyakin#4739

Participated in testnets:

NYM, Aleo, KIRA, KYVE, Forta, Iron Fish, Rizon, Massa, Minima, Masa, Pontem, Onomy, Taraxa, Vega, SSV, Umee, Celestia, Humanode, StarkNet, DeFund, Subspace, Gear, Oasys, Sei, QuickSilver, Gno.land, Sui


and others.

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