[AIT2] lycantropus

Hi! My name is Andre, I’m from Portugal.

After 5 years doing full freelance and contributing to opensource, I joined a company and I’ve been there for the last 5 years. Currently working as the Head of DevOps & Backend for a leading Italian company in the gaming industry. I’ve a masters degree in software engineering and wrote the reference document that’s used there to teach about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

I’m currently running a validator node. Since I have extensive experience in composer and deploying with docker swarm maybe I can contribute with a full validator and monitoring stack to ease the entry barrier.

For this AIT I’m running the basic setup: a docker-composer deployed validator node in a 4CPU/8GB/300GB-storage.

Currently only participating in this project, so you have my full dedication.

I hope you find my background meaningful enough to get your vote :slight_smile:

Please feel free ask any questions. Thank you!