[AIT2] lurkomorye validator

I started launching nodes in March, therefore I have not entered the mainnet yet. However, the field of network support turned out to be fairly easy to me due to my educational background. I am currently taking two degrees at once in the leading university of my country: first one in “network administration” specialization and the second one as a “software developer”. As a result I possess a profound knowledge of the topic and I am familiar with its peculiarities.

I take a pragmatic approach to running validators. At the most basic level I utilize bare metal servers
with a minimum of 2 full nodes per network. At a minimum the nodes are in different data centers, but commonly
are by different providers distributed around the world. In addition, I utilize Horcrux
as my remote signing solution, with 3 signers. What this means in practice is ALL nodes have to go down, or 2 signers, before I miss blocks.

In addition to this, I utilize the following as my monitoring solutions:

  • Zabbix
  • Tenderduty
  • HalfLife
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