[AIT2] lukmanganteng

Hello Aptos Fellows, I am Lukman crypto enthusiast who has been participating in the crypto community since 2017.
I want to deep dive in to Aptos technology.
I have high working hours in several projects as operator nodes, I always understand the details of the progress that is taking place and I will faithfully follow the development of aptos for now and in the future
I helped many in the Aptos community espicially indonesian with the installation of the node with my article in my channel you see it on there Telegram: Contact @detective_gems
Aptos interface offers many performance and usability advantages at the expense of some complexity in less common use cases. it looks impressive
I have excellent experience installing node for projects such as Aptos, Mina Protocol, Ironfish, Mysten-sui,Espresso system and others.
I use only dedicated servers (8-64 cores) in Hetzner
Languages: Indonesian and English.
Discord : lukman#3969


Lfg sir , i trusted for you :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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very good at evolving over time in the crypto world and building a grub to help users who are not familiar with airdrops.

thank u for your sharing

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thanks for the help sir

the group is very educative and the members are very friendly. thank you very much.

Its amazing
Thankyou very much

Thank you for great share and tips

Thanks for helpful tutorial sir. Lfg :fire:

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Good luck winning this, sir!

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