[AIT2] longuunsolin

Hi all! I have been involved with the crypto industry since 2017, in nodes since 2019. Participated in more than 10 test networks,
such as StarkNet, Subspace, Massa, MasaFinance, NYM, Solana and ets. I try to contribute to the development of the crypto industry and help beginner cryptors. I am an individual validator from Ukraine, owns
Ukrainian, Russian, English.
Server: 8 Cores/30 GB RAM/800 GB SSD
Discord: longuunsolin#8170


Good luck bro !!! our group vote for you ! )

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Thanks for help , Gl !

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Gl bro and ty!!!111

good job ! hope you will win GL

Voting for you man! U can make it!

Qualified noderunner! Hope to see you in the winners!

Ukraine let’s GO! Good luck!

Hope you win this spot man!

Glory to Ukraine man!

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Good luck in this contest, you can make it 2 the TOP!