[AIT2] LoneWanderer

Hi there! My name is Andrew. My specialization is graphic design and translation, but I am also a huge crypto enthusiast. I have been an active member of various crypto communities since 2020.
I’m trying not to miss all significant events and mainly I spend my time running and managing nodes.

My experience includes: Moonbeam, Joystream, NYM, Mina, Agoric, Aleo, Ironfish, Quicksilver, Celestia, StarkNet, KYVE, Archway, Subspace, Avalanche, Polkadex and much more over the years.

My goal is to became a validator of this shiny new layer-1 blockchain. Especially after hearing so much praise!

I use Hetzner dedicated servers in various locations in Europe. 24/7 monitoring, high performance and uptime.

Thank you for your attention! Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Discord: LoneWanderer#3667
Twitter: @l1wanderer


Good luck man! I know you can do this


Thanks dude :smiley: Let’s see how it goes

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