[AIT2] Lixinyun Validator

Hello everyone! My name is Li Xianyun, a validator from China.
I am a loyal fan of Aptos. I have been keeping an eye on Aptos since its launch. I have more than 8 years of system development experience, and I have worked in IDC for more than 5 years. I have mature experience in server management and maintenance. I am very lucky of participating in the AIT1 test network, and 100% of the AIT1 nodes are running. In addition, there have been many successes, since 2018, I have successfully participated in many large hot projects (Aleo, massa, hopr, mina, casper, btt, meson, and the upcoming sui, obol, layerzero and many more projects Please keep paying attention and ask for it, and welcome all elites to discuss and exchange), can respond to emergency handling 7x24 hours, and ensure the stable operation of the node. I hope that I can successfully join the AIT2 test network and make adequate preparations for the mainnet that will be launched in the near future, and I want to become a qualified investor in Aptos and be able to make my little contribution to Aptos.
I have multiple WeChat communities, and I can use Chinese and English to help community members deploy nodes quickly and deal with node failures quickly.

Discord: lixianyun #5735
WeChat: a58243515
Welcome to exchange and discuss!

Thank you for your consideration.