[AIT2] littlethings

Hello! I am here to represent ‘Little Things’ community. I’ve been in this Crypto/Blockchain industry since 2017. My career started as a Trader. Then I created an Indonesian local community about Crypto/Blockchain which focuses on fundamental analysis about Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi, Web3. Currently it has around 1000+ channel followers and 500+ active group users.

‘Little Things’ community focuses on:

  • Helping Indonesian people who wants to learn about crypto fundamental voluntarily
  • Finding top tier project who has big potential
  • Actively onboarding user for testing testnet or mainnet product

My previous Node Operator Experience:

  • Keep Network
  • Aleo
  • Sui By Mysten Labs
  • Espresso
  • Minima

With this post, I also inform other Indonesians people who don’t know or are new to the Little Things community because of seeing this post, that I will continue to dedicate my time to continue to share knowledge and other things with Indonesian citizens and participate in supporting Aptos as well.

Validator node location : USA
Hardware : 16 vCPU / 32 GB RAM / 360 GB SSD

My telegram: Telegram: Contact @Keepitlittle
Little Things channel: Telegram: Contact @yourlittlething
Bounty/Degen channel: Telegram: Contact @pemburubansos


Hopefully we are all given the opportunity to join

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very happy to be in this group, a group that has a lot of information about crypto, degen, bounty and others. good work!

That’s group very informative ,I’ve been in that’s group been a long so many early degen information on that group and community leader (Om Lit) is very very good for find degen information

LFG Little Things :fire:
Best community ever :fire:

LFG!!! best chanel crypto analysis & fundamental :fire::fire::fire: