[AIT2] LEV51 (Evgeniy)

Hello! My name is Evgeniy.
I am a crypto enthusiast, since 2021 I have been actively involved in promoting projects at an early stage, I keep several test nodes in developing projects.
I have experience in testnet, nodes, marketing, writing and translating articles, promoting projects in social networks.
I like to solve technically complex problems and I try to do it responsibly.
I am ready to help the community, grow and develop with you.

My contacts:
Twitter : @Evgenijlev5
Telegram: @Evgenijlev5
Discord name : EvgeniyLEV#5152
Medium: @evgeniylarionov6


Despite such little experience, you’re doing a great job :clap:

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Well done! I wish you great results in the future!

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Good luck, Bro! Aptos to the moon! :rocket: :grinning: