[AIT2] lesnik_utsa

Mainnet validator on multiple networks
Minima - admin TG and Discord
Moonbeam - sr. ambassador
Bounty Manager - cryptotalk
Crowd Control - Russian community manager Discord
Everscale - admin TG and Discord
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For validation, both reliable dedicated hosting servers and home servers are used. High reliability and extensive experience in the crypto space. If you know me, then support my, friends!!!


One of the best validators with vast experience I know!


Reliable and technically literate specialist

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Good men! Validated many project. Respect

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lesnik_utsa is very reliable node operator and respected member of the cryptocurrency community. I vote for him!

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I often see him in projects, he shows himself as a worthy validator who is a pleasure to work with!

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This man the best community manager and validator!

Присоединяюсь. Отличный мужчина! :grin: Гайды хорошие, на вопросы отвечает быстро, помогает во всем. Лайк

The grandpa of all node runners )

Лучший валидатор, который активно делиться своим опытом и помогает в дискорде новичкам и не только! Спасибо тебе бро!

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Validator in charge!
Lesnik, we are with you and for you!