[AIT2] Lerem validator

Extensive experience in performing tasks of various kinds for projects, constant support of the validator, stability of the equipment, high performance indicators, the ability to scale.

My work https://github.com/IronLerem

Participated in such projects as NYM, iron fish, subquery, aleo, subspace, Stark Net, quae!


Thank you for your votes!!!

Удачи, надеюсь эта нода стоит таких усилий)

This is a worthy man! Please take it to the testnet.! He’s a great teacher!

Ты много нам помогаешь и теперь наша очередь ! Тебя возьмут обязательно. Продолжай делать свою работу.

Понимание пришло как только начал обучать меня. Удачи тебе в Аптосе! Много еще впереди!

Thank you guys for the hard work you do for community

gitlink is broken
what is quae ?

Nothing personal, but!
Also ( more than on influncer ). Maybe any contact information (git link broken) ? do not understand why so many votes , could you explain & influencer, tg channel, any links on nodes ?

Sorry for the broken link. I am a good IT specialist. And the scope of my activity is to help . I recommend it to you too!

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