[AIT2] lemonade

A little intro

Hello everyone, my name is lemo and I’m a crypto enthusiast. Seems like a little cliché on the forum, but I’ll use it anyway. Been in crypto for a year and I find this world fascinating and working by different rules comparing with so-called “normies” world. This is my first experience contributing to the network and I just want to be useful for the community that promises to deliver 140 TPS (after SOL promised 40TPS in it’s litepaper and still can not deliver this number became the dream). Certainly I can talk about my CS education and HFT job but are you here for that? We are all just passionate individuals who are trying to turn the world into the better place. Maybe your vote be my opportunity, maybe mine be yours. Who cares, we all gonna make it.


Of course I took this process serious so my node is completely prepared and loaded with 16 gb RAM as well as 160 SSD. OS is ubuntu 20.04 (I’ve been playing with Kali for a little too much)

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Great! Like to see you in the winners list!