[AIT2] + Lapatylin

Hello, my name is Oleksii and I am from Ukraine.
I deeply understand cryptocurrency and am convinced that it has a future.
I have good experience in node management (Forta, Celestia, StarkNet, Masa Finance, Massa, Penumbra, Kyve, Subspace, Aptos, Pontem, Gear, Humanode, SUI, SEI, Archway devnet, Minima) and also have good experience in Ambassador programs,
I am an ambassador for SupraOracles, Yuser Network, Unique Network, Interlay / Kintsugi, Manta Network. I’ve done translations, memes, videos, and more. I participated in many testnet projects. I test different DEX in Polkadot and Cosmos networks, I test different bridges like Interlay/Kintsugi, I test different wallets.
I want to help the project to develop. I currently have more than 1.5k followers on Twitter.
At the moment there is a war going on in my country, but I hope that it will end soon and nothing will stop me from developing your project.
my server 8 GB CPU 16 RAM


Thank you, good luck!

We are for you!!! Peace in Ukraine

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