[AIT2] Lalilax Validator

Lalilax Profile

  • Name: Lalilax
  • Email: mevtrk[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Telegram: @laxtr009
  • Discord: lalilax#1713
  • Github: lalilax (Howe) · GitHub

I operate fast and stable validator nodes for many testnet blockchains managed by experienced professionals. I have the knowledge of shell scripting on Linux, when there is a problem in the network, I find a solution or take an existing solution, package it, run it with a single command and share it with the communities.

Last Work

My benefit to the last project I participated in

I created a github repository that updates the address book of active validators every minute for validators that get a peer mapping error, and I turned it into a script. With one command, I can call up-to-date address books to the server.