[AIT2] L0vd.com

Hello, community! L0vd.com is here :heart:.

L0vd is a team of IT-educated crypto-enthusiasts.
We run nodes for the best PoS blockchains to help investors stake their digital assets with quality and security assurance. Our team actively participates in the technical development of projects. We provide services for the community to launch and maintain nodes in test and main networks in a comfortable way.

:heart: Why we?

1.We are recently formed but strong team that responsibly approaches the performance of its duties and considers validation as a profession. Our monitoring is always based on our own solutions.
2. We actively participate in the life of projects and contribute to them, take part in a huge number of testnets on an ongoing basis. You can find a list of them on our website https://l0vd.com.
3. We are contributing to the benefit of the community. We have done a lot of work lately:
3.1 Created a board for community with ongoing testnets where people could follow latest updates, guides and deadlines on these projects. https://www.notion.so/l0vd/Projects-5510908598c245bda48313372271cd84. Here we also provide links to your guides when presented.
3.2 We created our telegram to cover testnets on behalf of validators and solve the most individual problems of community Telegram: Contact @L0vd_staking. This chat is constantly filled with content and develops.
3.3 Started deploying full nodes for State Sync https://www.notion.so/l0vd/State-Sync-17e789476bb4457da123d69f14469b55
4. We deploy our own guides. You can find these guides if you visit this page https://www.notion.so/l0vd/Projects-5510908598c245bda48313372271cd84
5. We are open to the community and available for communication 24/7

:heart: General information:

:robot: Team Name: L0vd.com
:robot: Website: https://l0vd.com
:robot: Location: Moscow, Ufa (Russia)
:robot: Languages: English, Russian

:heart: Communication Channels

:left_speech_bubble: Discord: ! L0vd2 | L0vd.com#1054
:left_speech_bubble: Telegram: Telegram: Contact @l0vdstaking
:left_speech_bubble: Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @l0vd_staking_channel
:left_speech_bubble: E-mail: l0vd2val@gmail.com
:left_speech_bubble: Medium: L0vd2 – Medium

:heart: Technical Details

:hammer_and_pick: Our server (AX161; CPU: AMD EPYC 7502P 32 Cores “Rome” RAM: 128 GB ; NVME SSD 960 GB; Location: Hetzner, Data Center Park Falkenstein) is up and ready for the heaviest unexpected loads.
:hammer_and_pick: We have set up our own monitoring solution that’s based on Prometheus + Grafana. It provides us with extensive amount of Node and System metrics and updates in real time within 15 sec interval.