[AIT2] kozhta - Aptos validator

On a regular basis I am a node runner in many projects such as - Masa Finance,Kyve, Starknet, Subspace, Minima, Forta, Ironfish, Gear, Massa, Penumbra etc. I devote a sufficient amount of time to this matter and approach it seriously.

Interesting in Aptos cuz I think that now the problem of many blockchains is scalability and speed, and many are focused on the development of bridges. At the same time, Aptos - Layer 1 blockchain, which pays great attention to the speed of transactions and safety, also used Move in development, which is also of interest.
General information
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Polish :ukraine:

Communication Channels
Discord: Vitalik#1697
Telegram: @Kozhta

Technical Details
My servers with validators are located in the Europe Data Center. :ukraine: