[AIT2] kote 🇺🇦

Hey there, crypto community! I’m Vlad from Kiev :ukraine: All my live I works in IT, 2/3 of it as backend web dev in my own little company. For last 1,5 years I’m totally fall in crypto industry. I have started there as a miner. And still have a few rigs for ETH, ETC, ERGO, CHIA. Later I began to take a part in crypto startups as node runner and ambassador (wrote articles and did video - tutorials and reviews, translations). As node runner I have exp for last year in 16 projects. I well known Unix based OS, bash, automatisation. Like to digging through my hardware (on my local mining place). I will be pleasure to take a part in Aptos as node runner. Thanks a lot for your attention!

Discord: kote#1688

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a deserving challenger! VOTE