[AIT2] kommendantnode

Heya everyone,

I’m currently working in the Bay Area and have been running various nodes on the side. My previous experience with blockchains consists of hosting Avalanche, Ethereum and Concordium nodes (for mainnet) - with added experience of running various testnet nodes as well.
I have a background in DevOps, cloud computing and sysadmin roles. I’m also an open source contributor and I have a philosophical drive for decentralization and bringing power to the people. It matters a lot to me.

I’m from sweden and I speak Swedish and English. I moved to the bay bay area just before the pandemic for a job at big tech.
I’m a huge fan of VIM and customizing my arch linux setup, so if you ever want to nerd about with vim or arch please hook me up.

You can reach me on discord, hanging around under the username kommendant in the aptos channel - send me a DM!.

Technical Details:
I’m hosting the node locally, rough specs are 2TB M2. Nvme, 1000mbps fiber with high reliability, Razor 5700g CPU. 32gb DDR4.