[AIT2] Koiman validator (free upvote)

GM APTOS community :heart:

greetings from indonesia ,
my name Koiman bil qisti 20y old Life in Jakarta, using Bahasa for my native language and english by a little :sweat_smile: as a crypto entusiasm since 2019 ,

i was interesting about layer 1 blockchain for last two years , There’s a huge variety of layer-1 blockchains, and many support unique use cases. It’s not all Bitcoin and Ethereum, and each network has different solutions to the blockchain technology trilemma of decentralization, security, and scalability.
so , in this case , i am really want to see how APTOS will bring layer 1 for every one .

contact info :
Discord : Bajinglompat#4033
Telegram : @Kroco31