[AIT2] Kelpie - I will be your president. Or a validator :D

Hello. My name is Igor, by education I am a Specialist in Information Security of Automated Systems. More than five years of experience in the specialty, as well as in the IT field.

I have been in the web3 field since 2019, the popular projects in which I am a noder are Near and Solana. The latest projects in which I participate as a node operator are Masa, Forta, Minima, Starknet.

I see so many people trying to help the Aptos community, I think these people are great fellows and their work is invaluable. For myself, I decided to choose a slightly different, but also interesting direction, I make memes in your discord :D, yes, yes, it may sound strange, but they are very good (community appreciated). Some of my works:

Everything for Aptos, for the development of the project, marketing is in all areas)

Languages: Russian and English.
Telegram: @kelpiess

I hope I will be useful to Aptos as an experienced Node Operator and I will be able to get into AIT2 :slight_smile:


And if I don’t get into AIT2, this doesn’t mean that I will stop making you happy with funny memes.
But it will be a kind of good motivation for me to work harder in this direction! :slight_smile:

Am I bumping my post a bit? :slight_smile:

Okay, it’s time to rethink what’s written above :sweat_smile:

Hi my name is Igor!

I really like to follow Aptos and its development as well as participate in it!
Exactly! I am the coordinator, this is a great responsibility for me! I strive to help the community, answer questions on the forum, discord in various telegram channels, also you could see me in other directions, for example, my friend and me created a project - AptosQuests and work on developing the idea of increasing the number of people involved in the AptosLabs ecosystem.

I try to interact with different projects within the ecosystem, it’s so exciting to be useful!
I hope I make it to AIT 3 and be able to bring you more value! :relieved:

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Yeah its nice!!

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