[AIT2] Keepitsacrifice

Hello Aptos Labs and Aptos community! :wave:

My name is Max. Im interested in crypto and web3 concept since 2016 and full-stack Java developer in real life. In addition to this I have experience with Solidity and want to try Move. Im an angel investor in some crypto startups. Member of CIS Node Community.
Im node operator in many projects such as:

  • Testnet: Starknet, Kyve, Humanode ( in past: Spacemesh, Frontier, Archway )
  • Mainnet: Solana, Kava

I speak English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian.

Im using VDS for nodes. Node location is Nuremberg, Germany. Node specs are 4 CPU, 8GB RAM and 400GB nvme SSD. Specs will be upgraded if workload increases.

Telegram: @dvaptsaprofitanasfe
Discord: Keep it sacrifice#1329


Hello from CIS node community, good luck bro :blush:

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Maybe in the future we can work together)
Good luck in your endeavors bro!

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Thank you. Community is insane :wink:

Im always glad to collaborate with qualified people. Thank you :innocent:

Super sacrificing bio. Keep it sacrificing and lets run this nodes worls :crazy_face:

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Im doing my best to keep it sacrifice :blush:

Nice bio bro. Keep it up)

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Thank you for warm words bro